Want to be apart of our 2016 season Psychosis Extraction? The audition dates are as follows...

Saturday August 20th 7-8pm
Thursday August 25th 7-8pm
Sunday August 28th  7-8pm
Friday September 16th 7-8pm

Must bring all available dates you can work, head shot, and your best scare!

Auditions are located at Edge Dance & Performing Arts -218 West Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN 56537

2016 Edge Haunted



Prepare yourself for the most horrifying event of the year!

Sleeping Deep, Peaceful, And Sound
The Black Emerges, The Fears Profound
You Toss And Turn, This Can't Be Real
Awake And Sense......We Are Here Still.........

Cant wait for this years Edge Haunted Tours!

We are so pumped to scare you beyond belief!


"Seriously ,I was gonna try to be all tough and hardcore going through.......Then I screamed like a girl more times than I could count ! That was awesome!"-  LK  27

"I only peed my pants once........"   -( someones comment when exiting ) ?

"I had an absolutely amazing experience at the tour last year.I went through both tours and was freaked out the whole time! You have an amazing way of always surprising people and I was never ready for it. It seems every year it gets bigger and better.  Keep up the great performance as it benefits the whole community of Fergus with the huge crowds you draw. Anxiously awaiting this years tour as I still ponder how you did a few of your scares last year! " SF- 39

"I thought the Haunted house was great! It gave everyone in the community something to look forward to and also brought people together--my grandma even went through! I went three different times--twice at night and once during the day--and every single time I went through, it was different, which made it really exciting. I thought it was a great use of the RTC grounds and I can't wait to see what next Halloween brings! EO-

"I thought it was amazing, and so did my friends!" SG -19

"It was such a good experience! I got to meet a lot of fun people and got to learn a lot of fun people and learn some really cool tricks with makeup.  Also my favorite part was getting to be all crazy and scare people, There reactions were the best thing to see! Especially when you know the person and can creep them out even more by saying their name. I would do it again in a heartbeat if given the chance! I tell people all the time how much fun it was to work and be a part of such a cool thing!" VC- 18

"Working The Edge Haunted Tours was  an amazing experience! I loved getting my makeup done, hanging out with the workers, ...and not to mention getting the scare reactions_SO FUN TO WATCH!"  -TH- 18

"The Haunt is a lot of work but its also a lot of fun.You get to hang out with cool , creative people, perform for hundreds of visitors, and really get into the Halloween spirit." NM -

"I had a blast working in it last yr. The thrill of scaring people in an abandoned asylum was amazing....and the team I worked with was well organized and worked together as a team to come up with ideas to scare others" MP- 

"It was so fun-an experience u can't forget ! My favorite part is knowing you scared them and the look on their face is just priceless!" CK-13


Edge Haunted Tours is an arrangement by Sterling Edge Productions LLC